"Asleep, Dreaming in a Feverish Land" by Kuo Yu-Ping

“Asleep, Dreaming in a Feverish Land” by Kuo Yu-Ping

One very pleasant thing when collaborating with other artists is to continue and develop the work through the years.
For the 台灣美術雙年展 Taiwan Biennial 2018 – Wild Rhizoms, at Taichung National Museum of Fine Arts, Kuo Yu-Ping is presenting an installation, with sculptures, found objets, and a soundtrack that I realized, including narration and sounds.

Asleep, Dreaming, in a Feverish Land, 2018, Sound and mixed media installation, Dimensions variable.
Sound Designer: Yannick DAUBY
Actress: TSENG Hsin-Yen

KUO Yu-Ping