"Home?" by Lee Kang-Ling

“Home?” by Lee Kang-Ling

Sound editing, sound mixing and sound design for the documentary by Lee Kang-Ling. 31 min, Taiwan, 2018.
International premiere at Festival Visions du Réel, Nyon, Switzerland, 2019.

In 1949, after WWII, a group of people followed Chiang Kai-shek to Taiwan due to the civil war. They lived together in a place called “Danshen tuiyuan sushe (Single Veteran Dormitory)”. They believed that they could return soon, but the survivors live there to this day. However, their spirits drift on the narrow yet deep Taiwan Strait with questions; Are their parents, wives and children in their home still alive? When cross-strait visits were finally allowed, they found their answers. Some answers brought joy, some brought tears… It was a migration, pulled by the tide of the era. This is a story of those who are fading away. On the footsteps of a person carrying cremated remains of old veterans back home, we witness the despair and serenity of the era.