TIDF 2018 – Two films (Yann Paranthoën / Marc Namblard)

TIDF 2018 – Two films (Yann Paranthoën / Marc Namblard)

This year 2018, one of the most important moment for my practice and research, was the participation to Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF). Several events and projects were developed through this collaboration, from live performance to commissioned documentary to the curating of the exhibition KINO-EAR.

A few years ago, I had chance to meet and discuss with the team of TIDF, especially with programmer Fan Wu 吳凡.

During the preparation of our collaboration, we were discussing what documentary films could be shared with the audience of TIDF, with a special relationship to sound, those films which soundtrack has unusual features or which topic is about sound.
There was two special coincidences happening during this preparation :

Gathering documents for the exhibition KINO-EAR, I remembered the book (in French) about legendary radio producer Yann Paranthoën (1935-2005). His work at French National Radio was split between the “daily” routine of sound recording, editing and mixing for other producers, and his “personal” creations. These last one was the result of the work of one person, entirely devoted to the construction of a narration, extracting sounds from the real to the radio, a fiction according to him. These works had deep influences on many French recordists/creators, including myself. I always felt, while listening to his works such as “L’Effraie”, that it was mixture of document, pleasure and pedagogy.  In the book, published by Phonurgia Nova, entitled “L’Art de la Radio” (2009), contained a DVD that until this year, I totally forgot to watch. It was very moving to discover this brilliant portrait “Au Fil du son” (2007) by Pilar Arcila. The film was added Chinese subtitles and was played in the exhibition KINO-EAR and during two evening in the gallery, sharing the context and anecdotes with the public.

The other coincidence happened when my friend Marc Namblard, brilliant sound recordist and ecology teacher, sent me the very fresh documentary film about his own work. The film “L’Esprit des Lieux” by Stéphane Manchematin and Serge Steyer is stunning : gorgeous images and soundtrack, very subtle description of a field recordist practice, and witnessing of transmission between generations. After watching the demo of this film, I was shure that showing it during the TIDF and KINO-EAR was mandatory… We’re looking forward the DVD coming.

Screening at TheCube, during the exhibition KINO-EAR :