TIDF 2018 - Performance & Talk

TIDF 2018 – Performance & Talk

This year 2018, one of the most important moment for my practice and research, was the participation to Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF). Several events and projects were developed through this collaboration, from live performance to commissioned documentary to the curating of the exhibition KINO-EAR.

Taiwan Spectrum|Imagining the Avant-garde:
Film Experiments of the 1960s

A selection of 7 experimental films, mostly silent :

“A morning in Taipei” (1964) by PAI Ching-jui , “Today” (1965) by HAN Hsiang-ning, “Run” (1966) by HAN Hsiang-ning, “Modern Poetry Exhibition” (1966) by CHANG Chao-tang, “Life Continued” (1966) by CHUANG Ling, “My New Born Baby” (1967) by CHUANG Ling, “Getting Ready for the Festival” (1967) by LONG Sih-liang

Live improvisation for the soundtrack by Yannick Dauby, using field recordings, electro-acoustic devices and instruments, in presence of two of the film-makers (photos by TIDF).

Spot – Huashan
Taipei, Taiwan



Listening Lab

Under my guidance, auditors were invited to re-discover their ears.
Sharing sound recordings, testing hearing range, imagining landscape and guessing situations.
Please note E.T. was there.

Offline Cafe (No.1, Sec.1, Bade Rd., Taipei City)