"Family Memo", by Kuo Yu-Ping

“Family Memo”, by Kuo Yu-Ping

“There was no food in my stomach, sun on the back of my neck, love on my mind, panic in my soul, and an ache in my heart.”

I am very happy to keep working with the same artists, recording and designing sound environments and soundtrack. Such as 郭俞平 Kuo Yu-Ping with whom I already contributed to her creative process with half a dozen of short films and installations.

The title of this collective exhibition is self explanatory :

“Family Memo – Island of Memory and Migration”

Yu-Ping worked with a Vietnamese actress and her daughter, born in Taiwan. Her story and reinterpretation, from rural village to Taiwanese city, and the poems read by the Taiwanese actor  Yang Qi-Yin, were combined with environmental sounds into an architectural space, with the installations of the artist.

Chiang-Kai Chek Memorial Hall
Taipei, Taiwan