"Space Station" by Duncan Mountford, 2017-2018

“Space Station” by Duncan Mountford, 2017-2018

As an avid science-fiction reader, and a moderate science-fiction film watcher, I have a great sympathy for the architectural work by Duncan Mountford (UK/Taiwan) : “Space Station”. He created a physical space that visitors can wander into, evocation of various references such as Kubrik’s “2001” and Tarkovski’s “Solaris”. I am glad he asked me to create a sound design for this space, a mixture of rumbles, shaking, whistling and odd voices.

by Duncan Mountford

M Space-FORMOSA Sculpture Biennial 2017
Pier2, Kaohsiung
2017-12-29 ~ 2018-02-28

Gallery See Arts Space 看到藝術
2017-10-21 ~ 2017-11-04