Sound & Body, Workshop with HORSE 2017

Sound & Body, Workshop with HORSE 2017

In collaboration with HORSE 驫舞劇場

For the third year, Su Weichia and me are proposing a workshop, sharing listening experience and body practices. Field recordings and indoor listening, dance improvisations and body movements. Participants would discover, explore the area, record sounds and use them as a soundtrack for their dance. And as usual, participants were amazing !

[[[ 聲體 身音 田野 ]]] 創作研習營 就在下週!

由聲音藝術家澎葉生(Yannick Dauby) 與驫舞劇場團長蘇威嘉合作,課程將從技術、方法、到觀念循序漸進地學習,與聲音共同呼吸並置入舞蹈的肢體,回到自己的身體去觀照,感受每一個微小的聆聽,打破聲音、節奏或是旋律的框架,分享感官上的體驗並發現創作更多的可能性。

Treasure Hill Artist Village
Taipei, Taiwan