La Vie dans les Eaux et dans les Airs, 10" record with Hitoshi Kojo

La Vie dans les Eaux et dans les Airs, 10″ record with Hitoshi Kojo

We were touching metal with our skin, with wood and with stones. We were navigating in the obscurity, under the earth. We were probing the water with our instruments. Almost like if we were trying to let some lifeforms emerging from the land.

After years of irregular meetings and occasional recordings, I am delighted to have a collaboration with sonic weaver Hitoshi Kojo published.  Please note that this release was originally incarnated into vinyl. Published in March 2017, as a 10″ record on black vinyl and with full colour sleeve, lim. 300 copies, by Drone Records, in the series Substantia Innominata (SUB-24).

Substantia Innominata
“A concept that embraces the prospect of infinite possibilities for artists to create music about the intangible such as: The Unnameable, The Unspeakable, The Unthinkable, The Unidentifiable, etc. Various aspects related to ‘The Unknown’. Sound artists and artwork designers were invited to work on the theme of the ‘grey matter’ / the ‘dark continent’ surrounding us & within us: Transforming this paradoxical idea into acoustic and visual objectifications.”

Cover artwork by Andrew Chalk. Layout by Hitoshi Kojo.

” Each face skips past in a whirr and whirl of immersive musique concrète, drips and bows splashing and scraping, and what sounds like a factory siren keening in mournful tones. Perhaps it’s marking the death of music, though that’s been done here and before many times over the last century and more. There’s much to be enjoyed on La Vie Dans Les Airs Et Dans Les Eaux, both for its detail and for the delicately constructed arrangements, especially when that involves somnambulist frog choirs rippling at the threshold. ” Linnus Tossio – Freq

“Like with most of the alternative music, you’ll have to invest time and attention before you even can touch the true essence. For me the bottom line was silence into chaos. It’s like walking thru a busy street and finding a side street which is totally quiet. This kind of silence makes you alert for all the things that are happening around us. This EP is a kind of mind training finding that feeling.” Sarah Gommers – Luminous Dash

“In alldem entwickeln die beiden Stücke der 10″ eine schwermütige Dichte, die in ihrer konzeptuellen Verschränkung von Luft und Wasser deren sonst eher nur diffus und atmosphärisch gefühlte, aber zweifelsohne elementare Grundnotwendigkeit verklanglicht – als plätschernd treidelnde und schubhaft treibende Geräusche, Klänge, Sounds und Musik, die Aggregatzustände durchbrechen. Diese luftröhrende Wassermusik ist dem Namen nach also belebt, lebend und lebendig. ” Martin Hiller – Kommen People

Framework #588 features “La Vie dans les Airs et dans les Eaux”, thank you Patrick McGinley !