Lectures and screening, 2016

Lectures and screening, 2016

There is one thing I definitely don’t love : speaking in front of audience. Oral language, especially since I am not very good with English and really bad with Mandarin, is not my favorite medium, I highly prefer sharing fixed sounds rather than my own words.
But still, it is another type of access to audience to understand the aims and processes of sound practice or artworks related to places, ecology and communities.

Below is the list of the events that occurred in the second half of the year 2016.

Thanks to all the organizers and participants.

TheCube 立方計劃空間 , Taipei, Dec.16 2016
Screening of three films by Wan-Shuen Tsai & Yannick Dauby, created for the 20th Sydney Biennale 2016.
來自Skaru’的吟唱  The Body of the Mountain
樂返姜屋大院 Beiguan Music At The House Of Jiang
離島的離島 Childhood of an Archipelago

A lecture at The Shilin Official Residence 士林官邸, a project by 台灣聲景協會 Soundscape Association of Taiwan organised by the Chi-Sing Eco-conservation Foundation 七星生態保育基金會
Discussion and sharing sounds and idea about soundscape, acoustic environment, animal signals and field recordings. Dec.10 2016.

Three listening sessions at Xue-Xue Institute, Nov.3, Nov.24 and Dec.4 2016
Wan-Shuen Tsai & Yannick Dauby participated to the exhibition 孩子的海洋 A sea to our children at Xue Xue Institute.
During this period, I proposed three lectures related to sound environment for general public, alternative schools and students, people working in the institute.

A class about experimental sound practice and musique concrète, at the Graduate Institute of Musicology, National Taiwan University, invited in the courses by Prof. Yang Chien-Chang.

Two events in Matsu islands 馬祖列島. It has been the first time I could see the landscape of China from the islands of Taiwan. I have to note that we stayed in the most incredible bookshop/coffee shop I ever visited the Thornbird Coffee shop 刺鳥咖啡書店, an amazingly cozy place installed in a military fort…
Two sessions organized by the community of Niujiao 牛角 : a screening of our three films (cf. the event at TheCube above) and a listening session devoted to the sounds of the marine environment, Oct. 10 and 11 2016.

ps : please, don’t invite me to make lectures, let’s rather do a sound recording project together, please…
pps : no photo of me talking, no photo of audience, just a beautiful landscape from Thornbird Coffee shop 刺鳥咖啡書店.