Three films, Penghu, 2016

Three films, Penghu, 2016

Wan-Shuen Tsai and I went back one week in Penghu archipelago, for sharing our little films !
The three works were commissioned by Sydney Biennale 2016 and based on our experience of teaching and community work. Check this link for a full description.

We went to Chimei Island, for two sharing sessions at Chimei Elementary School and Chimei Junior Highschool. It was great to see the mouths of the kids wide open when they were watching the images of marine fauna and hearing their own voice (from the film The Childhood of an Archipelago). (June 22 2016)

And also a public outdoor cinema inside the village ! Thanks to Mr Chen (the owner of an amazing place for staying) and the bookshop 潛鳥書屋/鄭家莊. Incredible to have twenty people there ! (June 21 2016)

Then in Makung, we did a sharing at Penghu’s Foundation of People of the Sea 海洋公民基金會. (June 24 2016)

Thanks to everyone involved !


(above, the outdoor cinema at 潛鳥書屋/鄭家莊)

ps : the featured photo is unrelated to our films, just a souvenir from a recommended vietnamese restaurant in Chimei.