Article/interview by Andrew Pekler (Ableton)

Article/interview by Andrew Pekler (Ableton)

Andrew Pekler, a great musician, wrote a very nice article about field recordings and sound creation for the website of Ableton.

I am delighted to be present along with Chris Watson, sharing some of my ideas about this practice…

Read here : Sounds Outside: The art of field recording

No matter if I’m outdoors doing some recording or in the studio editing sounds, I’m finally listening to transducers – loudspeakers or headphones turning electricity into air waves.  Any sounds I’m working with has been mediated by audio technology. Therefore, I don’t think I’m dealing with any “pure” sounds, they’re all inhabiting a medium. Then, according to different projects I am navigating between two extreme considerations for sound : documentation or abstraction.

Sometimes, I am invited to work with communities, or to document some natural area, I would try my best with field recording to share my own perception of these sounds. The decisions made in the field (which microphone, when and where to record), the selection of the material, the tiniest transformation by equalisation or removal of unwanted sounds are all strong choices of altering the original signal recorded. There is no neutral (or pure) documentation, it all reveals a perspective, a subjectivity, a reconstructed reality.

– Y.D.