Three new cds, January 2015

Three new cds, January 2015

2015 starts with a bunch of releases which I expected a lot.

Let’s start with compact-discs…

KALERNE Editions isn’t properly a label. It’s more an opportunity to share soundworks in a physical form, irregularly, without a real plan. Some of the previous releases involved Marc Namblard. His last one, Cévennes, in collaboration with his brother Olivier, got fantastic feedback from the community of listeners and field recordists, but most are my own compositions.
Both new releases are interpretations of some listening experiences specific to some places. Available on CD and digital format (through Bandcamp).

廠 (chǎng, factory) : A wandering in an industrial area of Xinzhuang, suburb of Taipei.
The compositions is based on field recordings : environment, machinery, in-site improvisation using found objects.

Vescagne, Salèse : Two compositions devoted to the Mediterranean Alps. A session near an abandonned coal mine, and a walk in the Mercantour National Park.
The two compositions are also based on field recordings, with some in-site improvisations, and the help of sparse electronic devices recorded later in studio.

The third CD of this early season is a collaboration with Frédéric Nogray. We meet rarely, so the work was done in distance : exchanging sounds and creating an unexpected collage of bird songs and analogue electronic improvisations. We both do field recordings and both enjoy instruments with knobs. This work was mastered and published with the help of Pali Meursault, on his label UniversInternational. Extracts can be heard on the website of the label.