Taipingshan, Summer 2014

Taipingshan, Summer 2014

Since a bit of time, I have know a journalist, writer and self-taught field recordist, who owns a radio program (National Education Radio, Taiwan) called “自然筆記 -Nature notebook” : Laila Fan 范欽慧. Fascinated and inspired by the book “One square inch of silence” by nature recordist Gordon Hempton, she had the idea of creating a special listening zone in the mountains of North-East Taiwan and document its sounds during one year.

The forests of this area, Taipingshan 太平山, are located in Yilan County, between 500 and 2000 meters of altitude. They offers numerous species of plants and fauna, and even if they are highly frequented during the week-ends, they are wonderful natural environments.

We spent three sessions in the end of June, July and beginning of September 2014, recording the sounds of insects, birds, mammals and elements. We had been kindly hosted by the Forestry Bureau, and one of the ranger, Lai Buo-Shu was incredibly friendly and helpful. We got fantastic recordings of the soundscape.

But for now, we’re still looking for ways and fundings to develop this project: continuing the recordings is only the first step. The goal is to propose educational activities towards people working and visiting the area, and ultimately provide to this area some listening paths. Those would be special area where man-made sound production would be limited to the essential, and where listening would be one very important aspect of the encounter with nature.

I will use my recordings in a new soundscape composition, retracing my experience of the summer time in Taipingshan. Maybe to be published next year.


Lai Buo-Shu, Laila Fan, Yannick Dauby