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Field Recording


January 1998 : Bought a portable DAT recorder Sony TCD-D8, an indestructible and still usable headphone Sony MDR-7506 and an old second-hand binaural microphone, the infamous Sennheiser MKE2002.
February 1998 : One month wandering in the natural reserves of Northern India, the ghats of Varanasi, the crowded streets of Delhi and some festivals of Northern Classical Indian Music.

Since then, Soundscape studies and Phonography, aka the art of Field Recording, have been the main obsessions of Yannick Dauby. Discovering natural, urban or industrial environments through the holy trinity { Microphone -> Recorder -> Headphone } not only allows an act of memory, but also alter one’s perception of the sonic world. It both enhances and filter the reality, letting the listener discover unexpected hidden sounds, take a wider perspective, or simply forcing the concentration. Animal voices, cultural practices and unusual acoustic phenomena are favourite topics, but cities and industrial areas are also good playgrounds for sound recording.
This long self-taught practice of outdoor sound recording has allowed numerous publications on CD (see the discography), writing of theoretical essays about this topic (such as a Master Degree in Digital Arts), participation to international festivals in Europe and Australia, radio programs in Europe, US, Australia and Taiwan, listening interfaces (such as those developed by the Endemic Species Research Institute of Taiwan) and various teaching activities (see this section).

Since 2004, slowly and carefully documents the sounds of the Fauna of Taiwan.
Volunteering in the group of herpetology of Guandu Nature Park – 關渡自然公園, in Taipei, invited him to focus on the sounds of Taiwanese amphibians. This lead to the publication of “Songs of the Frogs of Taiwan vol.1” covering half of the 32 species present on the island.

Yannick_ErlinBetween 2005 and 2007, has been an active member of French association for nature sound recording Sonatura with contribution to its audio magazine and on-line or physical meetings.
In 2006-2007, participated to the project Phono3graphy (with Christophe Havard and Hughes Germain) developping multichannel experiments for environmental recordings in rural and industrial areas.
In 2007, one month of residency in Estonia, at Moks, allowed a sonic exploration of the nature and ruins of Soviet collective farms, leading to the publication of “Lind, Raud“, a CD devoted to the songs of birds and abandoned metal structures.

In 2008 and 2009, was the main recordist and adviser for the Chiayi Sound Archive, project by Treesmusic, funded by Cultural Affairs of Chiayi County, in collaboration with Yen-Ting Hsu. A large scale sound documentation project of the cultural and natural environment of this region, from the coast to the mountains. Later, in 2012-2013, the sounds of this archive were implemented into an exhibition “Revitalization of the Chiayi Sound Project” (TheCube gallery and Taipei Fine Art Museum).

In 2013, spent four months on the archipelago of Peng-Hu, documenting the underwater fauna and the shore environments for an ongoing project about the islands soundscapes.

In Summer 2014, started in collaboration with journalist and sound recordist Laila Fan 范欽慧, a project of nature recording and sensitization to listening in the area of Taipingshan, Yilan. Also participating to the foundation of Taiwan’s Association of Soundscape for developing inter-disciplinary and educational projects about sound environment.

2015, during the project ( ( ( ^..^ ) ) ) at National Taiwan University, experimented with ultrasonic transducers for gathering echolocation of bats. Got some very interesting results during four channel heterodyne recordings, the material being used for long term installation at Museum of Zoology in NTU.

Future field recordings based projects include : continuation of the survey and documentation of the sounds of Taiwanese amphibians, recordings of the mid-high altitude environments of Taiwan, the publication of a CD concerning the mountains of low and mid altitude of Yilan.

Hyla chinensis