"Something about the voices and breaths of aquatic organisms", KFAM 2017

“Something about the voices and breaths of aquatic organisms”, KFAM 2017

I am glad to participate to the exhibition Still Waters Run Deep 靜河流深  at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.

In the stairwell of this renewed space, I have a sound piece based on underwater recordings realized last year for Guandu International Nature Art Festival 2017. This time, I present those sounds without spoken words, but with a written text, and I use flat polystyrene loudspeakers that fits especially well to both the texture and frequency range of those recordings.
This installation is a soft and ephemeral listening space, partly and pleasantly annexed by the water sounds of a fountain in the main gallery.

Thanks to : all the people at Guandu Nature Park, Ellen Jan Yi-Fen, Christophe Havard and Emmanuel Holterbach for their early experiences into using polystyrene as loudspeakers material, David Dunn for the inspirational work “Chaos & The Emergent Mind Of The Pond”, and of course Jakob Von Uexküll for his concept of “Umwelt”.

“The ‘river,’ here I talk about, is a metaphor, which for me means movement of flow – flowing, dispersing, and then merging and converging again. This kind of flow connects different places and different plans in two directions: one is horizontal which refers to space, and that is why this exhibition is not confined only within the museum, but also connected to the entire city; the other one is vertical, which refers to time, and that is why the exhibition is not just related to the local collective memories, but also connected to the current and the future of the city.” — Dr. Yulin Lee, the curator

Still Waters Run Deep (靜河流深)

Curator: Yulin Lee 李玉玲
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
February 10 to June 3, 2018