"How Corals Think" & Chiroptera, Documenta 14 Radio 2017

“How Corals Think” & Chiroptera, Documenta 14 Radio 2017

YNK is a project by Nicolas Perret and Silvia Ploner (Islands Songs). Together they curated and organized a program, part of the radio project SAVVY Funk during the Documenta #14 exhibition.
“Over five chapters unfolding a plurality of sonic expressions, imaginaries and thought, YNK interrogates relations to non-humans, nature, bodies, and matter.”

They invited me to participate, in distance, for two shows related to recent and on-going projects.

YNK #3 June 19th 2017
One of them was a reinterpretation of my composition based on echolocation calls of bats : Echoes as Messengers. This piece is based on ultrasonic recordings and heterodyne conversions of the bats signals, in combination with sparse intervention made with electronic instruments. I am still working with the sounds of bats, creating different forms of work : compositions, performances, installation. All gathered under the symbol :  ( ( ( ^..^ ) ) )

YNK #11 June 28th 2017
The second part of my participation was to make radio version of my on-going project in Penghu, related to the coral reefs entitled How Corals Think. I used the underwater recordings realized during the third session of Penghu Experimental Sound Studio and the texts presented during the previous exhibition.