sountrack for "Freesteps 2", by Su Wei-Chia (Horse)

sountrack for “Freesteps 2”, by Su Wei-Chia (Horse)

I have been collaborating since 2008 (almost ten years !) with HORSE 驫舞劇場, an originally all-male dance company which evolved into a very interesting platform for dancers and choreographers in Taiwan. Since the beginning, I try to introduce alternative ways of playing and composing soundtracks for their projects, including live electronic improvisations, sound installations and field recordings.

But this time, for the last piece by Wei-Chia Su蘇威嘉, “Freesteps 2“(自由步-身體的眾生相), I tried to do something simple, almost melodic and/or rhythmic, but still as odd as possible… This led to 6 tracks that were accompanying the 6 sequences of this show, performed by solo dancers and old friends Wu-Kang Chen 陳武康 and Shu-Yi Chou 周書毅.

Taiwan International Festival of the Arts

National Experimental Theatre
March 30th – April 1st 2017

… and during the working process I also did some sound improvisation session for Wu-Kang’s class in the Dance department for National Taiwan University of the Arts. The recording of this session being used by the student for their performance celebrating their graduation. So nice to see the next generation of dancers !