Four Dances, Summer 2016

Four Dances, Summer 2016

My second half of the Summer 2016 has been occupied by moving bodies… with sound design and live performance for four dance projects.



Second Body, by Anarchy Dance Theater 安娜琪舞蹈劇場

A project I started working on since 2014. Choreographer Jeff Hsieh collaborate with Ultracombos, a company specialized in digital art / interactive systems. The soundtrack is mostly electroacoustic music, sometimes based on urban field recordings, but also includes a section in darkness with a compositions of four-channels recordings of dancers moving in various acoustic spaces.
(August 12, 13, 14 2016 at 水源劇場 Wellspring Theater, Taipei)



In-site performance by HORSE 驫舞劇場

Invited by Taipower company’s public art project, Horse, a company I collaborated with since 2008 was playing a partly improvised piece. Originally, it was planned outdoor, but the weather didn’t allow it…
The soundtrack was improvised using analog synthesizers, processing and sampler.
(August 27 at Taipower Building, Taipei)



Man∞Man, by Mending Dance Theater 曼丁身體劇場

Choreographer 朱蔚庭 Chu Wei-Ting made a collaboration between young dancers from her companies with mothers from her dance class in Danshui. The result is a touching interaction between these different generations. Sound was extract from previous field recording works with the addition of electronic music tracks composed for the occasion.
(September 3, 4, 10, 11 2016 at 滬尾礮臺 Huwei Fort in Danshui)



A meeting between Chen Wu-Kang 陳武康 and Pichet Klunchun

Choreographer, dancer and founder of Horse 驫舞劇場 , Chen Wu-Kang 陳武康 invited Pichet Klunchen, a dancer and choreographer from Thailand, to come to Taiwan and share his process of work, body experience and play a special duet in between contemporary dance, traditional forms and… chatting about fatherhood and death. A typhoon forced us to move indoor, and the soundtrack was mostly improvised using electronics, found objects, field recordings and extracts of music meaningful for the two dance masters (randomly : Swan’s lake, funerals music from Thailand, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”…).
(September 13 and 16 2016, Treasure Hill Artist Village 寶藏巖國際藝術村)