Two Duet, Taipei, 2015

Two Duet, Taipei, 2015

Here is a little gift for the end of the year 2015.
“soundtrack for TWO DUET” is a free download album.
Recording of the live sound performance accompanying the piece 兩對 (Two Duet) by four dancers/choreographers from HORSE 驫舞劇場.
(cover by 蔡宛璇 Wan-Shuen Tsai, the download includes some other of the great drawings she made for this project)

The show is based on a couple of duet, sometimes performed separately, sometimes together. The two parts are very different, and the soundtrack have been prepared for responding, supporting and bringing an additional dimension and a sparse narration to the body movements.

The project was prepared and first presented in Yilan in September 2015, and shown in its final form at Experimental Theater, Taipei, Taiwan, 10-13 December 2015.

Dancers :
簡晶瀅 Ching-Ying Chien & 劉冠詳 Kuan-Hsiang Liu
葉名樺 Ming-hwa Yeh & 陳武康 Wu-Kang Chen

Photos and videos of the dance can be seen on the company’s FaceBook page :

Recorded live from mixer on 12 December 2015 (version combining the two duet together), slightly mastered later in the studio.

Among the sounds used for this piece some vocal improvisations by the children of Dunhua Elementary School and by 劉冠詳 Kuan-Hsiang Liu.

Half of the material of the performance was composed in advance (and included field recordings), the other half was improvised using sampler software and electronic instruments. For the curious listeners, the main instrument was mostly the awesome Sidrax Organ built by Peter Blasser, with the addition of an analog delay, a digital looper and a granular effect.

Cover drawing by 蔡宛璇 Wan-Shuen Tsai.


And below is a photo of a busy myself by the talented Etang Chen :