Sun-Yat-Sen Freeway, by Yu-Ping Guo

Sun-Yat-Sen Freeway, by Yu-Ping Guo

I am glad to contribute for the second time to the artwork by Yu-Ping Guo 郭俞平.
My first collaboration was to adapt my sound piece “Alisen” to her video “The Pit”.

This time, I composed a soundtrack for her new work entitled “Sun-Yat-Sen Freeway”.

The exhibition is opening 5 Sep. (SAT), at 谷公館 Michael Ku Gallery, in Taipei.


中山高Sun Yat-sen Freeway
郭俞平Yu-Ping Guo

谷公館 台灣當代系列展之二
2015 Contemporary Art of Taiwan Series Exhibition

開幕日期:2015年9月5日(六)3:00-6:00 pm
Exhibition Dates:5 Sep. (SAT) – 1st Oct. (THU)
Opening Date:5 Sep. (SAT), 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

感謝 BenQ專案部 協助合作
Supported by National Culture and Arts Foundation
Special thanks to BenQ

我將驟然切入的,並非你我熟悉的世界,我所要講述的「中山高」,也並不只是你我經常往訪穿梭的中山高速公路,這條路是一種時間的觀念,它強而有力,在設置之處排除各種障礙,聳然地蓋在多種記憶的暴亂之下,蓋在多種情感的糾纏之中,當我們駕駛其上,即很難意識到,它其實是一種認知的帷幔或框架,它排除了其他各種與時間共處的不同方式。而它最令人迷惘之處,在於其所具有的現代形式── 一條高速公路,在建造當時所象徵的現代化榮景,以及當關於跨國的、全球與地方性的知識關懷在今日愈加佔據表述上前延性的位置,我們看似可以與西方同步討論關於對「速度」的信仰時,便使人難以準確地掌握其中一種時間差的幻視,以及現代化過程中歷史的陰影。
在展覽「中山高Sun Yat-sen Freeway」裡,我藉由一條路與一家人的意象製作出彼此間環環相扣的作品,包含一部錄像、物件裝置以及一組繪畫。著眼於階段論史觀、國族想像以及冷戰對國家治理、現代化發展的影響,我想試著以個人生命政治的軌跡,琢磨這些特定的歷史情境,如何形塑出我們的主體經驗及其慾望路徑,乃至現代生命政治的幽暗特徵。

What I am about to abruptly cut into is not a world that is familiar to you and me. The Sun Yat-sen Freeway I will speak of is not the one you and I often shuttle through. This freeway is a perception of time; powerful, vigorous. Where this freeway is constructed, all obstacles shall be eliminated. It was erected under memories of revolt and mayhem. It was built amidst an ensnarement of emotions. Riding above this freeway, we do not recognize it as a cognitive curtain or framework that excludes other ways of coexisting with time. Yet, the aspect that most perplexes us is, perhaps, the modern form it has embodied — a freeway. It symbolizes the era of modernized prosperity during which it was built. As solicitude for international, global, and local knowledge swells and occupies the forefront of our discourse, and as we seem to have become able to hold a simultaneous discussion with the West concerning the religion of ‘speed,’ it has become increasingly difficult to maintain an accurate grasp on the illusions created by discrepancies in time. It has also become more challenging for us to see clearly in the historical shadow cast by the process of modernization.
In my Sun Yat-sen Freeway exhibition, I created interlinking works — including a video, installations pieces, and a set of paintings — inspired by the imagery of one freeway and one family. I peer out from a historical point of view and see, through a nation’s imagination, the effects of cold wars and modernization. I wish to refine these specific historical situations through the path of my own politics. I seek ways of molding our subjective experiences, our patterns of desire, and even the gloom politics of modern life.
— Yu-Ping Guo