Jibei, workshop 2015

Jibei, workshop 2015

Penghu Experimental Studio is back.

Three years ago, we settled in Shili, staying 4 months near the sea, wandering on the shores, collecting sounds, objects, learning about the local ecology, and giving a few lectures-presentations in the schools of the main islands of Penghu.

The creative result of my stay there has been published in the form of a 12″ vinyl record : tsi̍t lâu tsuí.


This year, we’ll stay a shorter time (mid-August to November 2015) in Husi village. But we’ll be traveling all around the archipelago for teaching in the tiny schools of the remote islands.

We started with a four day workshop at Jibei Elementary School.


Amongst our activities : listening to some field recordings (wolves song and underwater recordings), video animations featuring the micro-fauna and intertide animals of Penghu (work in progress with Wan-Shuen Tsai). Interviews about fishing practices and daily life in Jibei. Drawing and wood carving. Improvisation with found objects from the beach nearby. Construction of little sound instruments. Biscuits and soda.

The materials gathered will be later assembled into short video creations for the kids.

jibei2 jibei3

PS : In 2008, Wan-Shuen Tsai and I funded ATELIER HUI-KAN, a little structure for our teaching, publication and community activities. A large part of our work in Taiwan has been through this organization, but we still haven’t an operational website (the previous blog has drown)…