( ( ( ^..^ ) ) )  temporary exhibition

( ( ( ^..^ ) ) ) temporary exhibition

Here we are ! The first step of the project related to Chiroptera at National Taiwan University is opening tomorrow 05.06.2015 1PM at the Liberal Education Classroom Building, along with other artists works by Wan-Shuen Tsai (animation), Huang Jie-Ming (photography) and Duncan Mountford (cabinet of curiosity).

My sound installation is based on recordings of Pipistrella abramus realized in the campus in heterodyne and quadriphony, and proposes a listening situation of those ultrasonic signals, sometimes spatialized, transformed, slowed down until reaching our hearing range, and/or accompanied with electronic sounds. The whole work is spread into space and invites to ramble or to sit for a while.

Also present in the exhibition, a collection of documents (texts and images) produced with the students participating to the project. They were a bit too late to provide some sound pieces, so their work will be published a bit later on our blog.

Next month, a reduced version of this sound installation will become a permanent part of the Museum of Biology (in the campus of NTU) and we’ll have a publication released.