Three presentations, April 2015

Three presentations, April 2015

This is an activity I would love to replace by more field works…  but still it might be important to do it for sharing sounds and meeting listeners.

I have been invited this month to make presentations and listening sessions in three different contexts :

13.04.2015 元智大學 Yuan Ze University, Taoyuan
Department of Art and Design, invitated by 阮慶岳 Roan Ching-Yueh.
As a general introduction of my sound work, I described my background in studio-based experimental music (aka musique concrète), interest for ethnology and musical traditions, and of course the practice of field recording.

17.04.2015 臺彎大學 National Taiwan University, Taipei.
As a part of the public activity of the public art project ISO Remix, I have been asked by the jury/administration of the university to give a talk about daily sounds and related art projects. Amongst the artworks presented, Steven Feld “Bosavi: Rainforest Music from Papua New Guinea”, Peter Cusack “Favourite Beijing Sounds”, Hitoshi & Carole Kojo “Khuvsghul & Khoton”, and some of my recordings from France and Taiwan, including the Chiayi Sound Project in collaboration with Yenting Hsu.

21.04.2015 聲物狂想曲 Wildchorusing, 華山Huashan 1914, Taipei
Organized by 台灣聲景協會 Soundscape Association in Taiwan, for the launch of its founding member Laila Fan’s new book, this series of presentations is gathering specialists in the domain of biology and animal studies with some people with background in art, music, journalism.
I was discussing with (my master) Prof. Yang Yi-Ru 楊懿如 (, about listening to the amphibians. She made me feel very humble this topic : 楊懿如 is able to hear very very subtle details in sounds, including the difference between the very similar songs of Microhyla heimonsi and Microhyla fissipes… I played some extracts of my own recordings from Taiwan and France, and I shared a bit about two very special publications  : one naturalist guide from 1958 by Charles Bogerts “Sounds of North American Frogs” (a classic from Smithsonian Folkways) and a sound postcard by Marc Pichelin “Nuit” (1997, Ouïe-Dire Productions, this one was played during years every night in my house).
One can read a quite complete report (in Chinese sorry) of that talk here : Taiwan Environmental Information Center (where the photo below is taken).