with soundpocket, 2014-2015

with soundpocket, 2014-2015

UPDATE : Please have a look the final report, with the sound works of the participants, on the website of the library by soundpocket.

The Mentorship Program initiated by soundpocket is over !
It as been a wonderful and successful project, billions of thanks to soundpocket funder, Yang Yeung, the team who was incredibly efficient in the organization and support, and of course the artists who participated.


(breakfast on the ferry to Cijin)

I learnt a lot about Hong-Kong and Kaohsiung during these sessions. I could do a bit of field recordings, but moreover, I realized how important is the experimentation process in education : we imagined together another form of transmission, we created a platform for sharing. I can’t be more grateful to what is probably the most interesting and attentive group of people I worked with in last years.

Our last session happened at first in Xindian, near my home, where we were lucky enough to listen about 8 species of frogs, observe a flying squirrel and meeting other charming creatures…

Then during three days, we explored the interface between Kaohsiung and the sea : its harbor.


The first day, we wandered in the whole area of Sizihwan 西子灣, and we met the Liu Qiu Er 劉秋兒, the owner of Dogpig Art Cafe (豆皮). This “mysterious” guy (according to the artists who met him) really knows and likes his city ! He took us for a walk around, and told us so interesting stories. A huge thank you to him.


(Liu Qiu Er)

The second day was devoted to Cijin 旗津, a long island which is sheltering the harbor of Kaohsiung. Old fort, piers, seaside, sand beaches, touristic activities, religious rituals and military villages made a very strange combination…


(Cijin, ship entering the harbor)


(Kaohsiung, from Cijin)

The last day, we rented a mini-bus and visited the industrial areas of Xiaogang 小港, the fishing harbour of Xiaogang, Linhai industrial park 臨海工業區, Fengming 鳳鳴 harbor (a warm thank to the director of the Municipal Fengming Elementary School who offered us to rest and discuss in her office), then the questionable Hongmaogang Cultural Park 紅毛港文化園區, for finally ending our trip in Cijin again.
The most memorable moment of that day was, for me, when we were driving and suddenly saw on Google Map that we were in the middle of the sea, on a road built on landfill. We were looking for a village and harbor that still appears on satellite photos, but which has been erased last year, the inhabitants removed, the houses destroyed and replaced by containers docks. Strange feeling to observe in real-time the disconnection between the physical world and the images of Google Earth…


(Fengming Harbor)

(the vanished village and harbor)


(driving on the sea)

We met people, sometimes we were invited to chat or have a drink, sometimes do some interviews, we did some recordings of the environment, and more important we discussed about the related topics.


I hope this session was a great opportunity to re-think the relationship between urban environment and the sea, and provide some experiences to explore harbors, and compare with Hong-Kong.
We don’t know yet what will be produced with the material gathered, but something to read and listen might come out later…



Reminder :
October 2014 : first meetings with the artists
November 2014 : workshops with the artists in Chai Wan and Tung Ping Chau
March 2015 : public workshops in Hong-Kong
April 2015 : workshops in Kaohsiung

The team of soundpocket : Yang Yeung, Sui Fong Yim, Yukmui Law, Solam Wai, Liza Chan, Alice Wong
The participating artists : Wong Fuk Kuen, Grace Choi Tsui Yin, Kaichung Lee, Kwong Wing Ka, Sing Jantzen Tse, Samson Choi Sang Cheung, Solomon Yu

*UPDATE (17.05.2016)*

The Library by soundpocket just released this video !