Art as Social Interaction, Kaohsiung 2014

Art as Social Interaction, Kaohsiung 2014

Last October, Atelier Hui-Kan (Yannick Dauby & Wan-Shuen Tsai) presented works with Atayal people in Taoshan and Hakka people in Nankeng in Hsinchu County 2009-2010, during the collective exhibition, 與社會交往的藝術 Art as Social Interaction, in Hong-Kong.

Last week was the opening of the second version of the exhibition related to community projects at PIER 2 Art Center, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

近 年台灣與香港的藝術家與非營利組織體認到藝術具教育、讓人重新思考生活態度的功能,積極投入對公民意識、社群生活、 文化資產等議題的關注,發起多項具創意的倡議和行動聯結。媒合兩地的「與社會交往的藝術」,期望透過展覽、工作坊、論壇的對話,深入認識此藝術表現在各自 社會所代表的意涵與影響。


In recent years, artists and non-profit organizations in Taiwan and Hong Kong re-focused on the functions of art as a form of education and a way to enable viewers’ re-examination of their outlooks on life. These communities also actively engage in the discussion of issues such as civil awareness, community life, and cultural capital by launching various creative projects, coalitions, and calls to action.
“Art as Social Interaction: Hong Kong / Taiwan Exchange” expects to connect the two places and deepen the understanding of the influences and meaning of this particular art form in the specific social context of each community through exhibitions, workshops, and dialogs in forums.


地址Address|高雄駁二藝術特區蓬萊B7倉庫 The Pier-2 Art Center, B7 Warehouse
開放時間 Opening Hours|星期一至四10:00–18:00; 星期五至日10:00–20:00

Thursday 11 December, I will have a talk/listening session in the exhibition, presenting various aspect of my field recording practice, related to community works and creation projects.