New project about bats, National Taiwan University 2014-2015

New project about bats, National Taiwan University 2014-2015

Between October 2014 and June 2015, I’ll be working on a special project at National Taiwan University, where I already taught several years, in the Institute of Musicology.
But this time, I’ll be resident artist for a public art project, entitled ISO Remix NTU, along with three other artists, Wan-Shuen Tsai (working with microscopic imagery), Duncan Mountford (who will be building a cabinet of curiosity) and Huang Jian-Ming (photography).

My participation to this project will concern bats.

Chiroptera are amongst the mammals the most fascinating and most represented (in term of number of species). Not to insist on the cultural representations of these animals, but we should be aware about the ecological significance of them. And like someone asked before… “What is it like to be bat ?”

Well, I don’t pretend I can answer this last question, but my project will include researches and field works about the bats of Taiwan and its surroundings, collaboration with students, electroacoustic compositions and performance and/or exhibitions.

For now, I already made some memorable meetings with biologists, such as Hsu Chao-Lung from the Bat Conservation Society of Taipei, people at Kadoorie Farm in Hong-Kong, I did a few recordings and I am doing my home work.

Please have a look to the blog, and be sure it’ll be quickly filled of images and sounds :

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