One has said that... Taipei, November 2014

One has said that… Taipei, November 2014

Exhibition by Wan-Shuen Tsai and Yannick Dauby, based on the work of Huang Liang.

Taiwan has a complex political situation, both at an international and internal level, and everyday here, one can hear something related to the the drama of its recent history. The White Terror, which let consequent scars in the society, happened just after WWII during one of the longest period of martial law in the world, with a campaign of killing of 3000-4000 people including taiwanese artists, writers and scholars, under the rule of KMT and Chang Kai-Chek.

Huang Liang 黃粱, critique and poet, researched historical documents and interviews of witnesses and gathered the stories related to that period. He rewrote them into poetry and last year published a book entitled “Little narrative 小敘述:二二八个銃籽”, a term borrowed to Jean-François Lyotard. This book is probably the first one in Chinese contemporary poetry devoted to this part of the History.
Wan-Shuen Tsai 蔡宛璇 and I, invited him to read and record a selection his texts, mostly in Taiwanese. We designed an audio-visual environment, a kind of scenography, that allows the visitor of our exhibition to discover this oral history of post-war Taiwan.


This collaboration is presented as a part of the exhibition :
Taipei South Town Art Festival 2014
The Contemporary Art of Chinese Characters 2014

Dates: 11/5 -11/30
Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00 except on Mondays
No. 47 Nanhai Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City


國立臺灣藝術教育館 X 某人曾說

參展藝術家:羅仕東、邱承宏、施珮君、郭姿怡、李若玫、周育正、郭俞平、劉玗、鄧兆旻、楊季涓、鍾羽婷、徐建宇、陳思含、蔡宛璇 x Yannick Dauby