In Taipei with David Toop, October 2014

In Taipei with David Toop, October 2014

Year 2000, for the first time and with the help of two other persons, I organized a concert, for the Japanese guitarist Taku Sugimoto who was on tour. I discovered his music by chance, it was played by the shop keeper of a Harmonia Mundi record store in Nice, Southern France. This album, “Opposite“, was delicate and peaceful to my ears. But when that performance happened, it strangely took place in Monte-Carlo, I was extremely surprised by the tension, the waiting and extreme presence of the body of the musician. A totally different experience from the acoumastic listening of his album. Maybe at that time I was still too much influenced by the floating listening of ambient music.

The next year, I read “Ocean of Sound” by David Toop, a current map of the ambient music. This book was an important encounter : firstly music critique and journalism could be something else than positive/negative judgement, and could inspire musician wannabee instead of threatening them. Then, most of the music described inside had already or would later attract my attention – from Jon Hassel to Thomas Köner, from Louis Sarno to Jean Roché, not to mention writers such as Gregory Bateson and James Ballard…

Then Facebook came with its massive collection of old and new friends, and an invitation by David Toop to improvise with him during his concert in Taipei, at the Lacking Sound Festival. Below is a recording of our duet.

I informed my friends of TheCube, Amy Cheng and Jeph Lo, who organized a friendly public discussion in their gallery. My notes about that event are on : Listening to the unknown.

Fourteen years after reading his book, I learnt a lot during the few days of meeting with David Toop reminded me the precious and eloquent silences of Taku Sugimoto.
Thanks everyone.




(photos by Etang Chen and Puzzleman Leung)