Art as Social Interaction, Hong-Kong 2014

Art as Social Interaction, Hong-Kong 2014

Atelier Hui-Kan (Yannick Dauby & Wan-Shuen Tsai) is a small structure we created in order to develop project linking art practices with environmental and cultural activities.

In 2009 and 2010, we had the opportunity to experiment some projects with communities in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Amongst Hakka elders and Atayal children, we learned how art could become a tool for community empowerment, reconnecting the people with their own traditions and environment. These projects were not our artwork, but more a dialogue with the villagers, reconnecting some aspects of the traditions to the actual geographical and social landscape.

In 2013, I have been invited to write some articles related to this topic. Those texts were published by the Taiwan Community Platform, created by the Ministry of Culture, and are still available online. They can be also read on


Friday 17th October is the opening of the exhibition “Art as Social Interaction“, at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong-Kong. We are showing there a large part of our documentation of our community works amongst Atayal and Hakka people in Hsinchu.
Later (December 2014), the exhibition will move to Kaohsiung, Taiwan.