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Recent activities and informations.

Penghu Experimental Sound Studio is a project settled in the detroit of Taiwan.

The archipelago 澎湖 features unique landscapes of basalts, coral houses, green-blue sea and powerful wind during the Winter.
Every two years since 2013, setting up a little sound studio in the islands, experimenting with field recording and composing electroacoustic music.
This Spring 2017, collaborating with biologists and NGO in order to start an underwater sound project related to coral reefs.
Check our SoundCloud page for regular sound updates. More information and descriptions of our activities soon...


July 30th 2017 :
The two following blogs are down :
Sorry about that, will try to repair asap. :'(

Kalerne is starting the year 2017 with a few announcements...


There can be found our publications and some distributed items.
The last releases are related to amphibians of French Guiana and bats of Taiwan.
Albums can also be found on Discogs or on Bandcamp.


Hoping to resume some nature sound recording practice, Yannick Dauby decided to reissue online his CD Songs of the Frogs of Taiwan Vol.1, which was published in 2009, and sold out since many years. It can be streamed and downloaded on Bandcamp.


Our next publication will be a travel to the mountains of low and middle altitude of the region of Yilan, in Taiwan.
Recorded between 2013 and 2015, the sounds of two forest area, Taipingshan 太平山 and Fushan 福山, are carefully selected and assembled into two soundscape compositions by Yannick Dauby. Thanks to the volunteers of Guandu Nature Park 關渡自然公園 and Soundscape Association of Taiwan 台灣聲景協會, we hope that this publication can help discovering and preserving the precious natural sound environments of Taiwan. The CD will be released in 2017.


"Sloughing (pronounced "sluffing") in biology refers to the act of shedding or casting off dead tissue, such as cells of the endometrium, shed during menstruation, or the shedding of skin in amphibians." website got its fourth incarnation, following serious internet problems... and there are still many little problems occurring with uncooperative url and links. Please do your rites for the Spring (very slow to come in Taiwan), and forgive the little glitches one can experience while visiting these pages. Hopefully things will get better soon.

As a reminder Kalerne Editions has been released two recent CDs devoted to the creatures of the night. They are both available in the Online shop.


Nuits de Guyane (CD by Marc Namblard)


Echoes as Messengers (CD by Yannick Dauby)

We are delighted to announce two new CD publications.

Those are both related to some tiny creatures living in the darkness and emitting sparse but highly energetic acoustic signals...


Echoes as Messengers (CD by Yannick Dauby)

An electroacoustic composition devoted to the bats of Taiwan, based on their echolocation calls, interwowen with analogue electronic sonic textures.

Please read the description and have a listen of the full release online !



Nuits de Guyane (CD by Marc Namblard)

A collage of astonishing field recordings from Guiana (South America). Nightime soundscape filled with the choruses of amphibians.

Please read the description and have a listen to an extract online !


Update : Shop is now open ! And we have another trace of performance here : soundtrack for TWO DUET (Yannick Dauby)

Update (bis) : Echoes and Messengers (4 channels, Y.Dauby) is a four channel version of the composition related to the bats. Available for free !

Explosive work here in Taiwan during the Spring.

Amongst the current projects, we have something quite exciting related to Bats in Taiwan. Kind of public art and artist residency, Yannick Dauby and a group of students of National Taiwan University built heterodyne ultrasounds transducers, created a listening point for live bat show, did some four-channel recordings of bat's sonars and are preparing a publication and exhibitions...

Stay in tune, and read the blog dedicated to Taiwanese Chiroptera : ( ( ( ^..^ ) ) )

Meanwhile is proud to propose two new online documents :

An interview with Laurent Jeanneau, aka Kink Gong, a passionate field recordist who documents music of ethnic minorities.

Vendredi Saint, a rather ancient piece, a monophonic documentary by anthropologist and instrument-maker Olivier Féraud.

Concerning our last publications, feedback has been quite positive (Vital Weekly, Toneglow) !
We wish we can share more about those two works by Yannick Dauby :
廠 (chǎng, factory) & Vescagne, Salèse


Last but not least, in the Kalerne Boutique was added two another distributed items by Yannick Dauby :
A pattern which connects, which is the first ever cassette (!) published for this artist.
The growth of artefacts, the second cassette (!!) released a few months later !
Those cassettes were respectively published by AnarchoFreaksProductions (FR) and Discrepant (UK) and are available now !
(if you're in Taiwan, they will be available in Taipei at


Winter. End and beginning of cycles.

Going back and forth between France and Taiwan since more than 10 years. The two new publications of Kalerne Editions are shared between the Mediterranean Alps and an industrial area in the suburb of Taipei. Two works by Yannick Dauby, at the frontiers of electroacoustic music, field recording and in-site improvisation.
Both releases can be listened on this website, are available on CD here or on Digital format on Bandcamp.


廠 (chǎng, factory)


Vescagne, Salèse


Also, we're extremely glad to bring to the Kalerne Boutique two other new items from Yannick Dauby :

- Tsi̍t lâu tsuí 一流水
(Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol.1)
a 12" vinyl record, published by Discrepant (UK) devoted the archipelago of Penghu.

- Panotii Auricularis
a CD in collaboration with Frédéric Nogray, published by UniversInternational, dialogue between birdsongs and electronics.

And also we got a few copies for sale of an astonishing record of electric signals by amazonian fishes, " Organfish " by our friend Slavek Kwi (aka Artificial Memory Trace). The CD is published this winter by And/OAR (US) and is available in the Kalerne Boutique. * now already sold out *

Last but not least, we're publishing here a short but very surprising recording by Félix Blume, of a storm producing electrostatic interferences.

ps : in the following weeks, another item will be added to the boutique (a cassette !) and soon as well some essay and/or interviews...

UPDATE ! (09.02.2015) :

Very happy to have another stunning publication by And/OAR (US). "One Hour As A Plant" by Michael Prime is an incredible sound piece based on bioelectrical signals produced by a famous cactus, Lophophora williamsii (aka Peyote). This work is fascinating world of electronic sounds, discreet and organic. Highly recommended, and available in the Kalerne Boutique.

We also got back some copies of Yannick Dauby "Overflows" (Sonoris, France) and the collaboration between Yannick Dauby, Hitoshi Kojo and Michael Northam "КОРЛИГОН" (Observatory, Russia).


PS : buying CDs = supporting new creations and publications... Thanks !




((( ^..^ )))

A new project is born, related to the bats of Taiwan and its surroundings.
Part of a public art project, it is an artist residency at National Taiwan University, which will allow field research (recordings, trips), collaborations with students of the university and meetings with biologists or conservationists about these fascinating creatures. Experimentations with ultrasound transducers, electroacoustic compositions, exhibitions and/or performances, and finally a publication. Between October 2014 and June 2015, these activities will be presented on the blog of the project.


Concerning the other publications of Kalerne Editions :

The last release, CÉVENNES by Marc and Olivier Namblard, received an enthousiastic flow of congratulations. We got amazing feedback from our listeners, including other field recordists. It has been praised on blogs and even during national radio programs. The album is still not properly distributed (only here on this website, through our beloved partner Metamkine and a couple of shops in Japan). Please help us propagate the information (and therefore help us redeeming the cost of this publication...).


Hopefully, two new CD by Yannick Dauby will be released before the end of the year... More informations to come very soon...


Since our last 'news' post, several articles have been published here. And more to come soon...

- Habitat, in Treasure Hill
Train de nuit pour Guangneng 光能鉄道の夜
(two works related to two communities of Taipei)
- Art projects in the community
(an article in English)
- Listening to the unkwown
(some notes from a meeting with David Toop)

And last but not least, the manager of this website, has a new proper personal page, after a hiatus of more than a year : Yannick Dauby, sound artist.

Great news from Kalerne Editions...
Grande nouvelle pour les Éditions Kalerne...

Marc & Olivier Namblard : "Cévennes" (2CD)

The last publication by Marc and Olivier Namblard, amongst the most talented nature recordists of their generation, devoted to an area from Southern France : les Cévennes.
These two compact-disc are presented in a gorgeous box containing a three-panel sleeve and a booklet with texts in French and English, with full pages colour illustrations.
Please have a look at the presentation of this new release and listen to the audio extracts.
This album is available in the online Kalerne Shop.

La dernière publication des frères Marc et Olivier Namblard, parmi les plus talentueux des audio-naturalistes de leur génération, consacrée aux paysages et voix animales des Cévennes, dans le Sud de la France.
Ces deux disques compact sont présentés dans un boitier magnifique contenant une pochette cartonnée à trois volets et un livret en Français et Anglais, illustrés de photographies couleurs pleine page.
Nous vous proposons d'écouter des extraits audio et de lire la présentation de ce travail.
Cet album est disponible en ligne dans la boutique en ligne de

And not to forget... Two older works available online for free :
Et n'oublions pas... Deux travaux plus anciens disponible en ligne gratuitement :


--- please support by buying our publications ---
--- soutenez en achetant nos publications ---


Next release : "Cévennes" by Marc & Olivier Namblard

Despite the incredibly difficult situation for underground labels, Kalerne Editions is proud to announce the imminent release of an astonishing collection of field recordings of Cévennes, National Park located in Southern France, collected by Marc and Olivier Namblard.
This publication will be a double CD, contained in box with a 28 color pages booklet, illustrated with exquisite photographs. This release will be shared between animal voices (and we can promise that some of these voices are quite spectacular) and landscapes. No one has done such extensive audio documentation of this place, and this album will certainly be a reference for audio-naturalists.
The Namblard brothers established themselves amongst the most promising nature recordists of their generation. Check out their website for an overview of their activity.
The record will be available at the end of October 2013.


Kalerne Editions opened a stand in the flea-market :

One can find, listen online and eventually buy in a digital form, some old (but not obsolete) releases by Yannick Dauby.
Some of these release were sold out or simply forgotten. Hope there will be interest, and a bit of sales for helping funding the new release mentioned above.
So far the albums available are :
- Alisen
- Overflows
- Février
- La rivière penchée
- Low Valley


Last but not least, four older compositions by Yannick Dauby have been given a new life here, on

Chant de Dune : a composition inspired by the phenomena of booming sands.

Drosera, Bruissement, Cristallisation : a selection of three pieces, that could be described in the old-fashioned terms as "microsound" and "lowercase-sound".


Welcome to our faithful readers/listeners and to newcomers. is back after a year of serious technical problems, ending with the website being pirated and going offline for a while. The previous version was totally obsolete and its content had to be uploaded and updated entirely manually, which is why it took so long (not to mention the pathetic skills of the webmaster).
For now, only a few old articles are back. Soon or later, more relics (essays, recordings, compositions) will be uploaded while more recent projects (especially some related to pedagogy and communities) will be edited and published here. Two other websites will be updated and/or reconstructed, at least before the end of the world : and

For now, the main focus is on two noteworthy projects that evolved a lot since last year :

Chiayi Sound Project - Started as a sound archive of the region of Chiayi in 2008, it has been reborn as an exhibition shown in 2012 and 2013 (TheCube, MOCA, TFAM in Taipei, Taiwan). In collaboration with Yen-Ting Hsu and Wan-Shuen Tsai.

蛙界蒙薰 Wā Jiè Méng Xūn - A wandering into the Realms of Amphibians with Analogue Synthesis as vehicle. Performances (France and Taiwan, 2012), publications (Vinyl record !) and exhibitions (DAC in Taipei, Taiwan, 2012).

Note : The last publication of Kalerne Editions is still available : "Taî-pak thiaⁿ saⁿ piàn" by Yannick Dauby
And the online shop is re-open.  Help us sustaining this website and publishing new artworks by buying our releases.


It has been almost one year since the last update of Huge amount of work and several technical issue forced the platform to evolve.
But between March and July 2013, there was another reason for this lack of activity : We have been living on Penghu archipelago, a group of islands in the Taiwan Strait. Spending a lot of time for explorations of the seashores, doing field recordings, teaching and sharing sounds, and also creating electroacoustic music.
It seems it was the first time there was an experimental music studio settled there...