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蛙界蒙薰 Wā Jiè Méng Xūn

A dialogue between analogue sound synthesis and the field recordings of taiwanese amphibians. Performances, compositions and exhibitions. A project by Yannick Dauby with occasional guests. (please pay attention to the chronology of the articles published below)

A biosemiotic drift into the Realms of Amphibians based on field recordings, modular synthesis, and sound spatialization. Elaborating and listening to hybrid electronic-organic sound objects.

Mix of field recordings (100% Taiwanese Frogs), improvisation with analogue modular synthesizer and spatialization.

The project switch from acousmatic to a cabinet of curiosities. An exhibition held at Digital Art Center, Taipei, 2012.

The infinite accomplishment of a musical project : being published as vinyl (yes VINYL) record. On label Ini.Itu, Belgium, 2013.