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Meetings with remarkable birds.

Shei-Pa National Park (雪霸國家公園)is in the central mountains of Taiwan. This park features the second highest mountain of the island. Having a walk there is a real pleasure for the ears : roads are absents, planes are not so frequents, and in March, while insects are still sleepy, birds are numerous and highly active.

"Historical" recording (ten years ago!) of a all-time favorite sound of the Mediterranean Alps. A night bird whose song fits perfectly to the nights perfumed by lavender and thyme...

Meeting a Bee-Eater colony is a marvelous multi-sensorial experience. Beautiful songs and exquisite colors, and a minimalist but fascinating architecture...

Malayan Night Heron 黑冠麻鷺, also called Tiger Bittern. 47-51 cm for 417-450 g. South-East Asia to Borneo and Philippines, resident and common in Taiwan. Nocturnal or crepuscular, secretive it lives in subtropical forests and wander at forest hedges at dawn or dusk.

Slaty-legged Crake 灰腳秧雞 is an endemic subspecie of aquatic bird which song is commonly heard in the low-altitude forests of Taiwan.