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Acoustic emissions from amphibians and reptiles.

A sound collage of Amphibians songs from Taiwan. Realized for Arte-Radio.

Jean Rostand was French naturalist who once wrote a book about Common Toads. If you can't read French, at least you can listen to a Toad's song...

I was recording a few birds around a small pond, in Vasselin, Isère, France, on the 23rd May 2006. But suddenly I noticed a very strange sound coming just in front of me. I turned my parabolic microphone towards it, and began to record without being able to identify the animal which could emit such an unusual call.

In the area around Essaouira (Marocco), very close to the ocean, in a wasteland between city and countryside, some unfinished earthworks formed large swampy areas. Many Mediterranean Tree Frogs (Hyla Meridionalis) chose to stay there.

For many years, I have a sonic obsession : the songs of the amphibians. It became even more serious when I discovered the treefrogs of Taiwan. But in France, my friend Marc Namblard gave me the chance, two years ago, to listen to his recording of some of the craziest frog songs I know : the Yellow-bellied Toad. Since then, I was waiting for the opportunity to record these incredible animals.

Guided by Christophe Havard, I was wandering at the border of Donges's petrol refinery, in Pays-de-la-Loire (France). This industrial area offers a hallucinatory nighty landscape, and awful smell and gives the impression that living creatures and plants have left the place since a long time. But, there was during this night (12th May 2007) a group of treefrogs Hyla arborea adding their songs to the rumors of the factories of the neighbourhood.