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Electroacoustic compositions, soundscape collages, musique concrète.

Field recordings realised in Hong-Kong during the mentorship program organised by soundpocket, between October 2014 and April 2015. Composed in Spring 2016.

A composition about bats and their sonar, needs four loudspeakers... ( ( ( ^..^ ) ) )

A sound composition based on recordings of AM broadcast in Taiwan.

A sound piece composed by Marc Namblard in 2003.

Poésie sonore, perversion radiophonique et micro-montage.


A composition inspired by the natural phenomena of booming sands.

Three old sound compositions whose general texture has to do with micro-structures and stochastic distribution.

Three compositions with field recordings originating from a travel in India in 1998.

Commissioned by, this sound piece retraces the feelings and soundscapes of Summertime in Taipei and its surrounding, especially focusing on the rituals related to the Ghost Festival and the cycle of life of cicadas.

The following pieces are some music studies about the sounds of cetaceans and about their habitats. Nothing very realistic, nothing very conceptual, just short sound works inspired by the cetaceans.

Last days of 2010. White sky, grey snow, lack of energy and irresistible need of sun rays.

composed by Yannick Dauby & Marc Namblard, August 2006 - 25'22 - firstly released by SilenceRadio.

 A few years ago, I had the chance to participate in the organization of a scientific seminar about the relationship between canids and humans, the conferences spreading between ecology, ethology, psychology and anthropology ("Entre Chiens Et Loups", Lyon, 2006). Amongst the invited scientists was Dave Mech ( a wildlife biologist who spent all his life studying wolves in the field, and in particular on Ellesmere Island located in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.