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Brain, ears, hands, skin, space, discussions, forms, schemes, practice.
Input, output, variations, modulations, wandering, writing, feeling.
Activities in direct connections with

Residency project at National Taiwan University, about bats of Taiwan and its surroundings. Bioacoustics, electroacoustics, field recordings, and exploration of the ultrasonic world. Please visit the blog of the project.

A dialogue between analogue sound synthesis and the field recordings of taiwanese amphibians. Performances, compositions and exhibitions. A project by Yannick Dauby with occasional guests. (please pay attention to the chronology of the articles published below)

Started as a sound archive in 2008-2009 in the southern region of Chiayi, Taiwan. Reborn in 2012 as an exhibition. Initiated by Yannick Dauby and Yen-Ting Hsu, joined later by Wan-Shuen Tsai. (please pay attention to the chronology of the articles published below)

Working on the islands of Penghu archipelago by setting up some temporary sound studio.
Recording the sounds, assembling them, analogue electronics and acoustic improvisations.
On-going project.