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Why physical publications ? Because :
. mp3 compression sucks and few people have interest for lossless compression.
. listening sounds while surfing on the internet can be a limit to the experience of sound.
. giving hand to hand an edition is very different from sending an email.
. reading printed material is complementary from reading a screen.
. We like trading CDs and books with other artists.

So, Kalerne would sometimes publish physical things, mainly CD and maybe printed essays. But please note that Kalerne is not a label (do not send any demo) and that we are open to exchange materials only if it is related in a way to the topics of this website (from experimental music informed by environment to naturalist field recordings and sound anthropology).

Kalerne is also distributing on-line and physically (in Taiwan) some titles in relation with our favourite topics : Sound Art and Environment. Check the available release in the online shop.

You can directly order and buy the available releases through our online shop on (a safe and participative website and marketplace). In this boutique, you check the items you want, then order it. We'll receive an email about it and will send you very soon an invoice. Then the payment needs to be done through Paypal system.



2015 : Nuits de Guyane (CD by Marc Namblard)


2015 : Echoes as Messengers (CD by Yannick Dauby)


2015 : Vescagne, Salèse (CD by Yannick Dauby)


2015 : 廠 (chǎng, factory) (CD by Yannick Dauby)


2013 : Cévennes (2CD by Marc & Olivier Namblard)


2011 : Taî-pak thiaⁿ saⁿ piàn (CD by Yannick Dauby)


2009 : Songs of the Frogs of Taiwan vol.1 (CD by Yannick Dauby)


2008 : Chants of Frozen Lakes (CD by Marc Namblard)


2007-2008 : Kalerne temporary editions (now deleted)