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KALERNE is a platform about sound and environment, initiated and curated by Yannick Dauby since 2002.

Here will be presented artistic works, ongoing researches, projects and essays about how do we perceive and deal with our audio environment. These activities are developed in various field of art practices, social and natural sciences, with an interdisciplinary approach.

Many of the activities presented here are related to Taiwan, an amazing playground for sound artists because of its fascinating natural environment and the presence (or sometimes traces) of chinese and austronesian cultures.

The sounds and images presented here are not meant to be "rough material" to be sampled and used in others creations, but if you feel the need of them, please ask before.
The texts are presented in English and/or French language, some times in traditional Chinese Mandarin, but please forgive us if you find any mistakes in English since it is not our native language and propose us some corrections.

The name "Kalerne" is derivated from Calern, a karstic plateau in the Mediterranean Alps area, dry in appearance but very interesting from an ecological point of view. Its ground is underlain by caves ("aven" in French) and underground rivers. On the floor, one can observe rare reptiles, numerous insects and fossils. Sometimes one can find local construction, some kind of igloo made of stones, called "borie" in French. The plateau is also known for its astronomical observatory which use interferometry. This techniques is based on the study of two waves creating together another one which will inform about the two originals. The buildings of this observatory were designed by the inspiring Antti Lovag, one of the leader in organic architecture.

Kalerne occasionaly publishes physical releases. We would be interested to share with artists and researchers involved in the topics relevant to Kalerne. Please contact us and give us feedback about our work. But musicians have to remember that we are not a label, no need to send demo...

A very important part of the activities presented here (pedagogy, community projects, publications) is done in association with a another structure, which is actually a two-persons company : Atelier Hui-Kan. Runned by Wan-Shuen Tsai with Yannick Dauby in Taipei since 2007, it is devoted to activities in Taiwan about art, environment and pedagogy. We have experience in the fields of exhibitions, music for various media and performing arts, organization of artistic activities and audio-visual documentation. This is a tool for both of us to produce events such as workshops, conferences, classes and apply to public art projects. Atelier Hui-Kan is regularly hired by other companies working in the field of public art (DADA Art Research & Development, VERY conception). Please don't hesitate to contact us for any proposal or collaboration.

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