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蛙 蛙 哇 !


Taiwan, located between Japan and Philippines, possess a precious natural environment. This 68 minutes long Compact-Disc contains the songs of 16 amongst the 32 species of frogs that inhabit the island.
Realized by a sound artist who is also an amphibian enthousiast, these recordings (devoid of vocal or musical accompaniment) are not only audio documents for natural history aficionados, but propose also some listening situation for the pleasure of the ears. This work is an invitation to the delicacy of the sounds of nature in Taiwan. This CD audio is accompanied by a 28 pages booklet containing illustrations by taiwanese artists, photos and explanations about the species.





                     Papercut by Wu Geng-Zhen 吳耿禎

01 面天樹蛙 - Kurixalus idiootocus - Meintein Temple Treefrog 4:25
02 腹斑蛙 - Babina adenopleura - Olive Frog 3:51
03 拉都希氏赤蛙 - Hylarana latouchii - Latouche's Frog 4:24
04 艾氏樹蛙 - Kurixalus eiffingeri - Eiffinger's Treefrog 2:53
05 翡翠樹蛙 - Rhacophorus prasinatus - Emerald Treefrog 3:44
06 日本樹蛙 - Buergeria japonica -Ryukyu Kajika Frog 3:04
07 台北樹蛙 - Rhacophorus_taipeianus - Taipei Treefrog 6:59
08 澤蛙 - Fejervarya limnocharis  - Indian Ricefield Frog 4:58
09 小雨蛙 - Microhyla fissipes - Ornate Ricefrog 3:59
10 古氏赤蛙 - Limnonectes kuhli - Kuhl's Creek Frog 4:21
11 白頷樹蛙 - Polypedates megacephalus - White Lipped Treefrog 4:40
12 貢德氏赤蛙 - Hylarana guentheri - Guenther's Brown Frog 4:19
13 莫氏樹蛙 - Rhacophorus moltrechti - Moltrecht's Treefrog 6:57
14 斯文豪氏赤蛙 - Odorrana swinhoana - Swinhoe's Frog 3:38
15 黑眶蟾蜍 - Duttaphrynus melanosticus - Black Spectacled Toad 4:17
16 盤古蟾蜍 - Bufo bankorensis - Central Formosa Toad 1:37


The complete album can be streamed and bought online :



   Drawing by Li Jun-Yang 李俊陽 


Field recordings realized and prepared by : Yannick Dauby 澎葉生

Introduction text : Yang Yi-Ru 楊懿如
Texts : Yannick Dauby 澎葉生
Photos : Yannick Dauby 澎葉生 & Jian Fu-Lu 呂建富 (師父)
Drawings : Wan-Shuen Tsai 蔡宛璇, Jun-Yang Li 李俊陽 , Tai-Wei Wu 吳苔瑋, Marie-Almina Gindre-Serrano, Bo-Tong Lin 林伯曈, Rui-Xiang Xiao 蕭瑞翔, Yuki Chang 張素慧, Wan-Shan Tsai 蔡宛珊.
Papercut (CD design) : Geng-Zheng Wu 吳耿禎
Cover and booklet design : Yannick Dauby 澎葉生 & Wan-Shuen Tsai 蔡宛璇

Produced by Kalerne Editions
Published by Atelier Hui-Kan
June 2009, Taiwan



-> Read the complete booklet online (English and Chinese Mandarin) !

-> Watch the annoucement video-clip (animation) !




- 8家獨立書店:
唐山書店 (台北市)
小小書房 (永和市)
有河book (淡水鎮)
水木書苑 (新竹市  清華大學校區)
東海書苑 (台中市)
洪雅書房 (嘉義市)