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We are delighted to announce two new CD publications.

Those are both related to some tiny creatures living in the darkness and emitting sparse but highly energetic acoustic signals...



An electroacoustic composition devoted to the bats of Taiwan, based on their echolocation calls, interwowen with analogue electronic sonic textures.

Please read the description and have a listen of the full release online !



NUITS DE GUYANE by Marc Namblard

A collage of astonishing field recordings from Guiana (South America). Nightime soundscape filled with the choruses of amphibians.

Please read the description and have a listen to an extract online !


Update : Shop is now open ! And we have another trace of performance here : soundtrack for TWO DUET (Yannick Dauby)

Update (bis) : Echoes as Messengers is a four channels version of the composition related to the bats. Available for free !