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A new project is born, related to the bats of Taiwan and its surroundings.
Part of a public art project, it is an artist residency at National Taiwan University, which will allow field research (recordings, trips), collaborations with students of the university and meetings with biologists or conservationists about these fascinating creatures. Experimentations with ultrasound transducers, electroacoustic compositions, exhibitions and/or performances, and finally a publication. Between October 2014 and June 2015, these activities will be presented on the blog of the project.


Concerning the other publications of Kalerne Editions :

The last release, CÉVENNES by Marc and Olivier Namblard, received an enthousiastic flow of congratulations. We got amazing feedback from our listeners, including other field recordists. It has been praised on blogs and even during national radio programs. The album is still not properly distributed (only here on this website, through our beloved partner Metamkine and a couple of shops in Japan). Please help us propagate the information (and therefore help us redeeming the cost of this publication...).


Hopefully, two new CD by Yannick Dauby will be released before the end of the year... More informations to come very soon...


Since our last 'news' post, several articles have been published here. And more to come soon...

- Habitat, in Treasure Hill
Train de nuit pour Guangneng 光能鉄道の夜
(two works related to two communities of Taipei)
- Art projects in the community
(an article in English)
- Listening to the unkwown
(some notes from a meeting with David Toop)

And last but not least, the manager of this website, has a new proper personal page, after a hiatus of more than a year : Yannick Dauby, sound artist.