Winter. End and beginning of cycles.

Going back and forth between France and Taiwan since more than 10 years. The two new publications of Kalerne Editions are shared between the Mediterranean Alps and an industrial area in the suburb of Taipei. Two works by Yannick Dauby, at the frontiers of electroacoustic music, field recording and in-site improvisation.
Both releases can be listened on this website, are available on CD here or on Digital format on Bandcamp.


廠 (chǎng, factory)


Vescagne, Salèse


Also, we're extremely glad to bring to the Kalerne Boutique two other new items from Yannick Dauby :

- Tsi̍t lâu tsuí 一流水
(Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol.1)
a 12" vinyl record, published by Discrepant (UK) devoted the archipelago of Penghu.

- Panotii Auricularis
a CD in collaboration with Frédéric Nogray, published by UniversInternational, dialogue between birdsongs and electronics.

And also we got a few copies for sale of an astonishing record of electric signals by amazonian fishes, " Organfish " by our friend Slavek Kwi (aka Artificial Memory Trace). The CD is published this winter by And/OAR (US) and is available in the Kalerne Boutique. * now already sold out *

Last but not least, we're publishing here a short but very surprising recording by Félix Blume, of a storm producing electrostatic interferences.

ps : in the following weeks, another item will be added to the boutique (a cassette !) and soon as well some essay and/or interviews...

UPDATE ! (09.02.2015) :

Very happy to have another stunning publication by And/OAR (US). "One Hour As A Plant" by Michael Prime is an incredible sound piece based on bioelectrical signals produced by a famous cactus, Lophophora williamsii (aka Peyote). This work is fascinating world of electronic sounds, discreet and organic. Highly recommended, and available in the Kalerne Boutique.

We also got back some copies of Yannick Dauby "Overflows" (Sonoris, France) and the collaboration between Yannick Dauby, Hitoshi Kojo and Michael Northam "КОРЛИГОН" (Observatory, Russia).


PS : buying CDs = supporting new creations and publications... Thanks !