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Explosive work here in Taiwan during the Spring.

Amongst the current projects, we have something quite exciting related to Bats in Taiwan. Kind of public art and artist residency, Yannick Dauby and a group of students of National Taiwan University built heterodyne ultrasounds transducers, created a listening point for live bat show, did some four-channel recordings of bat's sonars and are preparing a publication and exhibitions...

Stay in tune, and read the blog dedicated to Taiwanese Chiroptera : ( ( ( ^..^ ) ) )

Meanwhile Kalerne.net is proud to propose two new online documents :

An interview with Laurent Jeanneau, aka Kink Gong, a passionate field recordist who documents music of ethnic minorities.

Vendredi Saint, a rather ancient piece, a monophonic documentary by anthropologist and instrument-maker Olivier Féraud.

Concerning our last publications, feedback has been quite positive (Vital Weekly, Toneglow) !
We wish we can share more about those two works by Yannick Dauby :
廠 (chǎng, factory) & Vescagne, Salèse


Last but not least, in the Kalerne Boutique was added two another distributed items by Yannick Dauby :
A pattern which connects, which is the first ever cassette (!) published for this artist.
The growth of artefacts, the second cassette (!!) released a few months later !
Those cassettes were respectively published by AnarchoFreaksProductions (FR) and Discrepant (UK) and are available now !
(if you're in Taiwan, they will be available in Taipei at Digilog.tw)