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a sound project about the region of Chiayi, Taiwan

嘉義聲音 選輯 #2
Chiayi Sounds - Selection #2

錄音:澎葉生 & 許雁婷
Recorded by Yannick Dauby & Yen-Ting Hsu


.zip 壓縮檔,約100 Mb,內含14個mp3聲音檔(320kbps, 高音質壓縮)

.zip file, about 100 Mo, containing 14 audiofiles .mp3 320kbps (= good quality)
Below, a flash player allows to listen 192kbps (= average quality) files.
Please be patient, the streaming may starts slowly.
Please use proper audio equipment (good quality headphones or external loudspeakers).
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01. 與辜瑞源觀鳥 090530 永富
01. Birdwatching with Gu Rui-Yuan 090530 Yongfu

Interview with ornithologist Gu Rui-Yuan with sounds of the surrounding animals. Topics include : White-Throated Flycatcher-Warbler (Abroscopus albogularis), White-tailed Blue Robin (Myomela leucura), Taiwan Sibia (Heterophasia auricularis), White-lipped Treefrog (Polypetades megacephalus), Moltrecht Treefrog (Rhacophorus moltrechti). In Yongfu, Zhongpu Country.

02. 五色鳥 090530 馬頭山
02. Muller's barbet chick 090530 Matoushan

走在小徑上,我們聽到非常小、像是從樹上一小洞發出來的聲音。錄音者以吊桿將麥克風伸至樹洞口,大約距離地面兩公尺高。鳥類觀察專家辜瑞源告訴我們,這是 五色鳥幼鳥肚子餓正在呼叫父母餵食。(大埔鄉馬頭山)
Walking on a small path. We heard small sounds, like some growlings coming from a hole in a tree.The sound was recorded by placing the microphones just at the entrance of the hole, about two meters high. Gu Rui-Yuan told us that it is the young chick of Muller's Barbet (Megalaima oorti) calling its parents for feeding. At Matoushan, Dapu Country.

03. 鴿笭 090312 義竹
03. Pigeon whistles 090312 Yizhu

During the opening of the Pigeon Competition in Yizhu, an interview with a villager who has pigeons. He waves a plastic flag for making pigeons flying away, carrying the wooden whistles, and then he whistles for them to come back.

04. 鴿笭製作 090312 義竹
04. Whistle making 090312 Yizhu

The owner of the pigeons explains how to make those very special whistles.

05. 製草繩機 090918 民雄
05. Rope-making machine 090918 Minhsiung

The sound of the machine for making ropes. A lady is putting straws from one side of the machine and it is rolled into a rope. In Minghsiung Country.

06. 採茶 091027 梅山
06. Crop in a tea garden 091027 Meishan

In the garden of Taihe, beside the road, working ladies are cropping tea leaves and chatting.

07. 茶葉日光萎凋 091027 梅山
07. Drying tea leaves 091027 Meishan

In a tea factory in Taihe in Meishan, the process of making tea. Craftman put the tea leaves on plastic covers for letting them dry them under the sunshine.

08. 拉都希氏赤蛙 090623 頂笨仔
08. Latouche Frog 090623 Dingbenzai

A group of Latouche's frogs (Hylarana latouchi) are mating in a small piece of water, one of them is singing inside a jar…

09. 颱風過後的河水 090811 特富野
09. River after the Typhoon 090811 Tefuye

The typhoon Marokot is leaving, the rain stopped. The river is still huge and carries stones. But animals grasshopers and treefrogs (Chirixalus eiffingeri) restart to sing.

10. 直升機趣聞 090813 達邦
10. The mayor tells a joke 090813 Tapangu

During Typhoon Morakot, while refugees are waiting the helicopter, the mayor of Tapangu tells a veridic joke.

11. 戰祭間的樹蛙 100216 達邦
11. Treefrogs during the war ritual 100216 Tapangu

Slight rain during the War Ritual (Mayasvi). In the sleepy village, a few Moltrecht's treefrogs (Rhacophorus taipeianus) are gathering and sharing their calls with the singers in front of Kuba (the house for gathering reserved to men).

12. 大冠鷲 090531 馬頭山
12. Serpent Crested Eagle 090531 Matoushan

Calls of the Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela) at Matoushan, Dapu Country.

13. 搗糯米 100215 達邦
13. Hitting the sticky rice 100215 Tapangu

阿里山鄒族青年Voyu在祭屋裡敲打糯米飯,準備戰祭(Mayasvi)需用的年糕。將大團大團的糯米飯放置到木桶中,用木杵大力重複敲打產生黏性,最後 集結成塊狀。
During the ritual for the God of War, a young man, Voyu, is preparing a cake from glutinous rice. The difficulty of this work i snot only to project with energy the huge pestel in the big wooden container, but also to lift it up, stuck by the rice transformed into a plastic paste.

14. Mo-o演唱螃蟹歌 090722 達邦
14. Mo-o sings "Crab song" 090722 Tapangu

阿里山達邦部落的長老Mo'o Tapangu唱一首鄒族童謠,改編為好笑的歌詞。
The young elder Mo'o Tapangu sings a children song of Tsou people, and he add to the lyrics a funny verse. In Tapangu, Ali Mountain.

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