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a sound project about the region of Chiayi, Taiwan

嘉義聲音 選輯 #1
Chiayi Sounds - Selection #1

錄音:澎葉生 & 許雁婷
Recorded by Yannick Dauby & Yen-Ting Hsu


.zip 壓縮檔,約100 Mb,內含14個mp3聲音檔(320kbps, 高音質壓縮)
下方每個聲音檔都有一個線上播放器,可聆聽192kbps(標準音質壓縮)的mp3聲音。請耐心等候,串流有時較慢。請使用適當的播放設備聆聽(較佳的耳 機或外接喇叭)

.zip file, about 100 Mo, containing 14 audiofiles .mp3 320kbps (= good quality)
Below, a flash player allows to listen 192kbps (= average quality) files.
Please be patient, the streaming may starts slowly.
Please use proper audio equipment (good quality headphones or external loudspeakers).
Also available on

01. 徐東海演唱〈怒打〉090623 新港
01. Hsu Dong-Hai sings "Nuda" 090623 Xingang

Hsu Dong-Hai is a Master in Beiguan traditional music. Here, he sings the piece "Nu-Da".

02. 水鳥與船 081210 鰲鼓溼地
02. Water birds and boat 081210 Aogu Wetland

Ambience of Aogu Wetland, including various kinds of birds and sounds of boats. Everyday after 8am, the sounds of engines surround this place.

03. 捉鼠 090206 鹿草
03. Mouse hunt 090206 Lucao

After harvesting a sugarcane field in Lucao, workers from a restaurant nearby went to catch mouses. Their dog help them catch the mouse kill it with just one bite.

04. 丟擲塑膠籃 081209 東石
04. Throwing baskets 081209 Dongshih

魚市場中的工作人員互相丟擲裝有漁獲的籃子給對方。此時先有籃子碰撞地板發出喀喀聲,經過濕漉的水泥地數公尺「咻」的一聲,然後另一個人接住籃子隨即倒出 漁獲,又是另一個碰撞地板的喀喀聲。這樣的動作持續到地板全都擺滿了魚。
In the fish market, workers are throwing buckets containg fishes to each others. Buckets bounces on the floor with a big "clac !" and glide on the wet concrete floor for several meters. The operation is repeated many times until the floor of the whole building is covered with piles of fishes.

05. 漁獲叫賣 081209 東石
05. Selling fishes 081209 Dongshih

一個男人正在喊價拍賣漁獲。他口中的數字遞減,也就代 表魚的價格遞減。
A man is selling piles of fishes, in a kind of reversed auction. He's spelling decreasing numbers, corresponding to the decreasing price of the fish.

06. 製香 090908 新港
06. Incense making 090908 Xingang

The process of making incense in Xingang Incense Cultural Center. Demonstration with explanations by the craftman Zi-Jia Tu.

07. 紫雲寺 090726 番路
07. Purple Cloud temple 090726 Fanlu

Ambience in the Purple Cloud temple in Fanlu Country, with firecrackers, drum, bell and the voices of worshippers.

08. 擲筊 081208 朴子
08. Divination blocks 081208 Puzih

The sound of tossing divination blocks in the rear hall of Pei-Tian temple in Puzhi.

09. 大士爺文化祭 090911 民雄
09. Ghost Festival opening 090911 Minhsiung

During the cultural ritual of Da-shi-ye in Minghsiung, music of a traditional ritual is competing with the popular taiwanese songs of an extended night market.

10. 訪問林探 090205 鹿草
10. Interview with Lin Tan 090205 Lucao

Interview with Lin Tan, master of Chariot'n Drum (a style for traditional popular music). He mentioned a big earthquake which happened during Japanese colonial period and the air attack before the recovery of Taiwan.

11. 林探演唱〈我也恨你〉090111 鹿草
11. Lin Tan sings "hate" 090111 Lucao

In Lucao Country, Lin Tan sings the song "I also hate you".

12. 社區發展 090530 大林
12. Community development 090530 Dalin

Interview with the members of Dalin Beishi Cultural Development Association. They mention the origin of the place, and also talk about Farmland treefrogs (Rhacophorus arvalis).

13. 諸羅樹蛙 090530 大林
13. Farmland treefrog 090530 Dalin

Farmland Treefrog (Rhacophorus arvalis) singing in the trees. In Dalin, nearby an hospital, close to a road.

14. 製草蓆機器 090909 溪口
14. Tatami machine 090909 Xikou

At Xikou, in Chen Yong-Feng's workshop. The last machine working in Taiwan, weaving the grass in order to produce the upper part of tatami. Microphone placed very close and below the machine.

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